Department Services

24 Hour Patrol

The University campus is actively patrolled 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Officers patrol the University grounds and buildings by vehicle, foot, and bike patrols.

Safety department services imageSafety and Training

Safety training seminars and awareness courses are provided by our department.  For more information, click on the “Safety Training & Awareness” tab on the left or go to the following link:

Safety Escorts Services

The Department of Safety offers a safety escort service to enhance students' feelings of safety while walking at night on campus. This service is intended to promote safety by providing an alternative to the campus community, who would have had to walk at night

The hours of operation are from dusk to dawn seven days a week. Safety will escort a student, faculty, or visitor from any point on campus, to any point on campus. Dial 6005 and make the request to the dispatcher. You may also utilize the Seventeen (17) emergency phones on campus.

Requests for daytime escorts will be conducted for medical emergencies or if the requester specifically articulates a reason to be fearful for his/her safety.


  • All passengers must wear a mask while being transported.
  • When a car is used for escort, only one passenger, seated in the rear passenger side of vehicle will be allowed.
  • When a van is used for escort, a maximum of two passengers, at one time, one seated in the middle seat and one seated in the rear seat of the vehice will be allowed.
  • When a walking or bike escort is provided over a vehicle escort, it is important to remember utilizing the 6’ social distancing requirement.

Medical Emergencies

Our officers are certified by the American Red Cross in First-Aid, CPR/AED.

We respond to all medical emergencies on campus and render assistance, which may include:

  • Performing emergency CPR, AED or First-Aid
  • Contacting an ambulance
  • Leading the ambulance to the proper location
  • Contacting the school nurse

Safety firedrill1Fire Safety

We assist in the coordination of all fire alarm drills and fire safety training.

We respond to all fire alarms on campus in order to:

  • Check the area
  • Ensure evacuation of the building
  • Notify and inform responding fire companies, if necessary
  • Clear and reactivate the alarms


Safety firedrill2Emergency Maintenance

We respond to maintenance problems, when maintenance is not available.

If necessary, we will notify emergency maintenance personnel to remedy the problem.

Securing and Opening Buildings

We are responsible for the locking and unlocking of buildings on campus.

Security checks of campus buildings occur throughout our shifts.

Vehicle Lockouts

We do not assist in opening locked car doors unless it is an emergency.

Examples are a child inside, a pet trapped, or the vehicle is running.

Battery Jump Packs

A portable battery is available from the CIC to jump-start vehicles.

Vehicle Registration and Parking/Traffic Enforcement

Vehicle permits are issued through our department.

We are responsible for traffic and parking enforcement and issue citations for violations of either the Messiah University Traffic Code or Pennsylvania Traffic Law.

Bicycle Registration and Regulations

Bicycle registrations are issued through our department and are free of charge. We require that all bicycles be registered in the event they are lost or stolen.

Criminal Code Enforcement

We are responsible for enforcing Title 18, the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, on campus.

Vehicle Code Enforcement

We are responsible for enforcing Title 75, the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, on campus.

Criminal Investigation

Our department investigates all crimes that take place on campus.

These investigations are conducted either by our department or at the direction of the appropriate local law enforcement agency.

It is the student's (victim's) right to choose to have either the Department of Safety investigate or to contact the Police Department. The Department of Safety will assist in this process if the victim so chooses.

Accident Investigation

We perform cursory traffic accident investigations.

Messiah University Department of Safety Bike Patrol

The bike patrol is a great asset to Messiah University. It enables a greater patrol area where patrol vehicles do not have access. During emergency calls, bike officers at times can get to the scene quicker than a patrol vehicle. Bikes are a great tool where large crowds gather. During Special Olympics and Graduation, bike officers can patrol through crowds and get to medical emergencies quickly. Bike officers are often found to be more approachable than a vehicle, which makes the bike patrol a great Public Relations tool. Bike officers and their bikes are equipped to ride in any weather condition. This enables the officers to ride all year round, day or night in rain, snow, sleet, and of course sunshine.

The following is a list of other roles the bike patrol plays on campus:

  • Provides Escort Service
  • Patrols around buildings, parking lots, fitness trail, back forty field, Starry Field, and anywhere that limits access to vehicles
  • Observes traffic from a hidden position
  • Provides Traffic Control
  • Observes activities in any area without being seen or heard
  • Provides a highly visible presence so others may feel safe and secure
  • Reduces wear and tear on patrol vehicles
  • Saves money on gasoline
  • Keeps officers fit and healthy