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Employee Referrals

Want to share the experience of working at Messiah College with others? Have a friend, relative, or colleague that you feel would be a good fit at Messiah and help Messiah succeed? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, consider referring the individual for a position at the College. Not only can you help the College, but the College has a way to thank YOU for the help. Messiah has established an Employee Referral Bonus Program, coordinated through Human Resources, whereby referrals who are hired by the College can lead to you receiving a $300 bonus for the referral.

Full details and conditions of the Employee Referral Bonus Program, including the process of making a referral as well as the conditions for receiving a bonus, can be reviewed in the Messiah College Policy and Procedure Manual. A copy of the referral form is located here.

The College thanks you for your assistance in identifying strong candidates for employment at Messiah.