Employee Referrals

Want to share the experience of working at Messiah University with others? Have a friend, relative, or colleague that you feel would be a good fit at Messiah and help Messiah succeed? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, consider referring the individual for a position at the University. Not only can you help the University, but the University has a way to thank YOU for the help. Messiah has established an Employee Referral Bonus Program, coordinated through Human Resources, whereby referrals who are hired by the University can lead to you receiving a $500 bonus for the referral.

The Employee Referral Bonus Program provides a cash incentive of $500 for employees (except those excluded as detailed below) who provide referral assistance that leads to the successful hiring of qualified staff, administration or full-time faculty. The program does not include adjunct faculty positions. Program Guidelines

  1. All full-time, part-time and limited-hour Messiah University employees are eligible to refer candidates for specific, open positions, with the exception of:
    • Human Resources employees
    • Directors, managers and supervisors hiring for the position to which the candidate is referred
    • Search Committee Members
    • Vice Presidents, the Provost, and the President
  2. There is no limit on the number of referral awards an employee may receive.
  3. Awards will be processed after the new hire’s successful completion of the New Hire Probation Period.
  4. The employee providing the referral must be actively employed at the end of the successful New Hire Probation Period to be eligible to receive the referral bonus.
  5. Referrals need to be for a specific position currently posted.
  6. Referral awards will not be granted when the referral is a current or former Messiah University employee or consultant.
  7. If an employee refers a person to a temporary position and within one year the referred person is hired into a permanent assignment, the referring employee is eligible for the bonus so long as the appropriate employee referral is included with the original temporary position application.
  8. In order for a candidate referral to qualify for the referral bonus, the applicant must provide your name in our online applicant system in the field that reads “Employee Providing Referral.” In addition, you, as the referrer, must complete and submit the Employee Referral Bonus Program form to the Office of Human Resources & Compliance within 10 days of the applicant’s submission online.
  9. If more than one referral is submitted for the same candidate, Human Resources will attribute the bonus to the first referral received for that particular candidate.

A copy of the referral form is located here.

The University thanks you for your assistance in identifying strong candidates for employment at Messiah.