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Degree programs - Department of Visual Arts

Our academic programs

Messiah's Department of Visual Arts will give you the opportunity to express your artistic creativity in various ways. You'll gain knowledge and skill in studio art, graphic design and other disciplines. The Department of Visual arts is pleased to offer the following majors, minors and concentrations:

Program Degree Major Minor Concentration Pre Professional Teaching Certification
Art (Business) B.A. Art (Business)is a major        
Art and Design     Art and Designis a concentration    
Art Education B.S. Art Educationis a major       Art Educationis a certification program
Art History B.A. Art Historyis a major Art Historyis a minor checked      
Art, Studio B.F.A., B.A. Art, Studio is a major Art, Studio is a minor checked      
Digital Media B.A. Digital Mediais a major        
Graphic Design and Digital Art     Graphic Design and Digital Artis a concentration    
Three-Dimensional Studies     Three-Dimensional Studiesis a concentration    
Two-Dimensional Studies     Two-Dimensional Studiesis a concentration