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Career Outcomes: Alumni Data


The Career Center surveys alumni six-nine months following graduation about their post-graduation career plans.  The following are reports which provide both summary information as well as specific information by academic School and Department. 


Most Current Survey Data: Class of 2013 Report




Also please be sure to view the Alumni Infographic!


As you read through the reports, please keep in mind that they provide a snapshot of what the survey respondants were doing at that moment in time.  For helpful information about alumni surveys in general, please visit:


Job Placement Statistics

The Truth About Higher Education Disclosure Laws

Calculating the Return on a College Investment





Please click on the names below to read more about these Messiah College Alumni:


Abbey Glenzel

Joy LaForme

Louisa Mfum Mensah

Eddy Palmer

Andrew Vriens


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Focus for Self-Assessment

Job Posting