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 Meet the Callers


Each semester, a group of approximately 30 students gather in Old Main to call our alumni, parents, and friends in order to secure their support of the College. Please take a few minutes to read about our callers and say “hello” when they call.




Helen A '15


Jasmin B '14

Jenna C '15



Lilly D '16

Alexa H '13

Taylore K '13



Angie K '16

Becca K '13

Matt M '14


Albert M '16

Katelyn M '14

Monica P '16




Adam P '16


Jenna R '13

Chrisanna R '16


Kevin S '15


Allie S '13

To apply for a position with phonathon, click here for an application.


To learn more about our phonathon program, contact Dan Custer at or campus extension 3640. 

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