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Types of Grants


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Broadly defined, there are two types of grant opportunities at Messiah College: internal and external.


The internal Ranked Faculty Grants Program is directed by the Office of Faculty Development and Dr. Rhonda Jacobsen. Grants available in this program include Curricular Development, Cross-Cultural, Teaching Enhancement, Creative Teaching, and Scholarship. Persons interested in applying for these grants should contact Dr. Jacobsen’s office at extension 6013.

Typically, there are two types of external grant opportunities available to educators: scholarship/research grants and special projects. Scholarship/research grants are those written by faculty to advance their scholarly pursuits. They may involve outside foundations, government programs or other grant-making agencies. Special projects are completed in cooperation with Office of College Development and usually deal with co-curricular activities rather than faculty scholarship.

Any faculty member seeking funding for a project that is not included in the operational budget of the College must complete a Project/Funding Assessment Form. Since it is essential to coordinate all campus contacts with potential donors and outside agencies, this form must be completed for any fundraising projects such as faculty research, athletic team trips, special equipment needs, or a lectureship fund. The Project/Funding Assessment Form must be completed in collaboration with the appropriate Dean and be approved by the Provost before the form is sent to the Office of Development.


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