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A bequest is a gift provision made for Messiah College in your will.

Any assets, including cash or property, may serve as a bequest. The most ideal assets are those that produce income in respect of a decedent. Since retirement plans are often the most highly taxed asset in a person's estate, many people realize that pension plans, IRAs, and 401(k) plans are some of the most efficient types of assets that can be used to satisfy their charitable bequests.

There are three types of bequests:

  • General Bequest: a gift of a specific dollar amount
  • Specific Bequest: a gift of property
  • Percentage Bequest: a gift representing a percentage of an estate

Giving through a bequest enables you to:

  • receive a 100% estate tax charitable deduction on the value of the property given to charity
  • avoid capital gains and income taxes
  • provide a meaningful gift even if circumstances hinder you from giving during your lifetime

Bequests can be designated to support funding priorities at Messiah College, including unrestricted annual support, scholarship endowments, and much more.

It is important that we be informed of your intent to include Messiah College in your will so that we can plan for the proper use of your gift according to your wishes. Please click here to inform us of your gift intentions or to request to speak with a member of our staff.

Should you decide to make a provision for Messiah College in your will, you will become a member of the Heritage Society.


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