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Investing in Leadership and Reconciliation

At Messiah College, it is understood that full-time Christian service is not limited to the church or the mission field; rather, serving Christ takes place in all walks of life, regardless of one’s chosen profession. Therefore, students are taught how to take the lead in becoming agents of hope and reconciliation wherever God calls them to serve.


It may sound dramatic, but Messiah College students, alumni, and faculty are changing the world in many ways. For instance:

  • Kristin Lombardi ’09 changes the world for mothers in Harrisburg by babysitting for them so they can go to work. She also tutors at an after-school program.
  • Elizabeth Ball ’07 and Professor Christine Forsythe led a project to teach people in Zambia how to make paper, a skill that allows them to provide for the needs of their families.
  • Ryan Keith ’02 teamed up with some friends to start a non-profit organization, Forgotten Voices International, which ministers to orphans in Africa.
  • Cheryl Oberholser ’98 helps fight childhood obesity in Pennsylvania by educating young people about the importance of nutrition and exercise.


All of these examples show how students, alumni, and faculty are agents of hope and reconciliation in our broken world.

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