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Office of Disability Services

About Vision Impairment


What are the types of visual impairments?

The most obvious impairment would be blindness, but partial vision impairment is far more common.  Examples include extreme myopia, lack of peripheral vision, lack of central vision, sensitivity to light, impaired movement of the eye,  and problems with focus.   Most college students will have already learned to cope with the disability and will have made adjustments in notetaking and study habits and the use of aids such as magnifiers.

Instructor Tips

  • It is helpful to verbalize as much as possible when using the chalkboard or overhead.
  • It may be helpful to the student to tape record lectures or use a note taker.
  • Announce reading assignments well in advance to facilitate obtaining alternate text.  A student using alternate text will need time for text conversion of additional readings not included on the required text list at the beginning of the semester.

Student Tips

  • Disability Services will aid in obtaining alternate text or E-text.  Since this can take a little time, we encourage you to schedule classes as early as permitted and see that ODS is aware of your schedule and classes for which you will need texts recorded.   Be sure to notify ODS if your schedule changes after pre-registration.
  • Murray Library has a closed-circuit television (CCTV) available and magnification software for two computers.
  • College Press can provide enlarged printed materials. This expense will be covered by ODS. Enlarged print can also be obtained through use of E-text and screen enlarger software.


Any further assistance or accommodations needed should be discussed with the Director of Disability Services.