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Office of Disability Services

How to Get Help Through the Office of Disability Services


What Do I Do If I Think I Have a Disability?

Staff in Disability Services (Hoffman 101 and 102) or in the Engle Center for Counseling and Health Services can help you obtain an evaluation to determine eligibility. Some screening services may be available on campus, particularly those requiring a physician's diagnosis.  At this time, you will need to be referred to an off-campus agency if you need to have a complete psychological evaluation.


If you are interested in getting this process started, you can take the ADHD Self Test and Complete the New Student or Current Student Self Referral online forms at left. The Office of Disability Services will be in touch with you to schedule an appointment when they receive these forms.


What if I have a previously identified disability?

You may present current evidence of that disability to Disability Services. Your documentation will be reviewed, and, if adequate for determining eligibility, a plan of assistance will be worked out with you. DS staff will help you identify accommodations needed in various classes and campus services and programs.  DS staff will assist you in communicating your needs to faculty. 


Please start this process by completing the New Student or Current Student Self Referral online forms at left.  Please see the link for Eligibility Guide on the right for documentation guidelines.