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Student Affairs

Community Report Form:

Reporting Potentially Risky and/or Dangerous Behavior

This report form is in place for members of our community to report behavior deemed to put the student and/or community at risk and/or potentially dangerous situations at Messiah College. Once completed, members of the Touching Base Behavior Intervention Team will work to respond appropriately. They may contact you for additional information.

IMPORTANT: If you feel threatened or need an immediate response, call 911 (9-911 from on campus phone) for police response and/or call the Department of Safety/Dispatch Services at ext. 6565 or (717)691-6005.


Reporter's Information

Reporter's Full Name
Reporter's email address
Reporter's cell phone #

Suspicious Behavior

Full name of person (s) exhibiting risky / dangerous behavior:
Date(s) / Time (s) when behavior was observed:
Description of behavior:
Location(s) where behavior occurred:
Other individuals involved and their role(s):
Is person (s) aware you are reporting this?
Yes No Unsure
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