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Planning an Event at Larsen Student Union


The Larsen Student Union is a center for student activity on campus, including many events planned by student organizations.  If your organization wants to plan an event in the Student Union, the information on this site will help you to do that. In addition, the staff of the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership Programs can assist you along the way; feel free to schedule an appointment with the Director of the Student Union or with the Secretary of Student Involvement & Leadership Programs to discuss your idea.


Reserving the Space


The first step in planning your event will be to reserve the space in the Union. (If you are planning an event in a building other than the Union, visit here (link to ).

There are two ways to reserve a room in the Union:


  1. Fill out the online form found here. (link to )
  2. Email with the following information: name of sponsoring organization, name of event or meeting, room requested, date, beginning and start time, estimated attendance, contact name, phone number, e-mail address, set up requirements.


Events Calendar Form

Click here for form


If your event includes any set up (tables, chairs, sound and lighting, etc.), showing a film, dance, serving food, fundraising or tickets, and/or if you want your event listed on the public Events Calendar online, you will be required to fill out an Events Calendar Form in addition to the room request.  This form is available at the Student Involvement & Leadership Programs desk (Larsen) or at the Conference Services Office (Eisenhower).  When the form is complete and all signatures have been secured, the form should be returned to the Conference Services Office.  This form should be completed at least four weeks prior to your event.


Please note:  Your event is NOT approved until you receive a signed/approved copy of the Events Calendar Form. You cannot publicize your event until your event is approved.

Event Description


Approximately two weeks prior to your event, you will receive an Event Description via GroupWise e-mail. Please read the Event Description Form carefully. All details on it pertain to your event. The college staff will prepare the space per the instructions on the Event Description Form. If there are discrepancies between your needs and what is described on the Event Description, you should contact the Secretary of Student Involvement & Leadership Programs immediately. We recommend that you keep your copy of the Event Description Form on file until the event is complete.

Helpful Hints

Schedule early: This will help you get the space best suited for your event and give you time to plan it thoroughly.

If considering an event in April, reconsider: April is the busiest month of the year, with many established events taking up every available weekend date. If you are planning an event and want a good turnout, consider planning it for sometime other than April (November and February are two months with traditionally fewer events).

Fill out forms carefully: Incomplete or illegible information will only delay processing your form.

Have a second choice
: When making a request, be prepared to have a second choice for both location and date.

Cancellations/changes: Please remember to contact the office with changes or cancellations. Others may be able to use the room.

Use the Event Planning Checklist (link to ): This checklist is very helpful in making sure you have all of your bases covered when it comes to planning your event, including scheduling, planning, and publicity. This form is only a resource, and does not need to be turned in to any office.

Ask questions! When in doubt, Ask! For more information on scheduling an event in Larsen, please contact the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership Programs at x5240.

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