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Caving Information

The Outdoors Club has several trained student caving specialist who are certified to lead trips to local caves in area. There are few caves in the immediate area, however if you travel just 30 minutes south west from Messiah near the Shippensburg area, there are many fascinating caves. Caves in this region of the US are 55 degree year round and are guaranteed to be muddy.




Franklin County Grotto

The local caving group located in Chambersburg, PA. 


York County Grotto

The local caving group located in the city of york.


National Speleological Society (NSS)

National Speleological Society does more than any other organization to study, explore, and conserve cave and karst resources; protect access to caves; encourage responsible management of caves and their unique environments; and promote responsible caving.


Cave Paleontology

Here you can find information pertaining to the different fossils you will see carved in the limestone in most of these caves.


Different Types of Caves

This link will guide your knowledge by explaining different types of caves and how they are formed.




Lisburn Cave:

This cave is only 10 minutes from campus, but it is on private land, so it is not open for public use. With roughly 400ft of passage, this cave can keep a group of ten new cavers occupied for three hours easily. There are not many formations because the cave is not as old as most,  but does have some fun and excited squeezes. You will probably be okay without a map in this cave because the only maze part is shaped similar to a peace sign, so all the tunnel lead back to the entrance.


Carnegie Cave:

This cave is in the Shippensburg area where it sits on public park land. This cave is visited by everyone and their brother and it shows with all the mud on the walls, huge foot prints, and many once nice, but now destroyed formations. The entrance way to this cave is probably the most undesirable because you have to crawl through a metal tube for about 125 feet under you get to the other side of a major highway. This cave is directly affected by the stream out front and at times can be impossible to make distance due to high water. This cave is the largest cave that the Outdoors Club visits with almost 1,000 feet of passageway.


Hershey Coy Cave System:

This is a relatively small cave for the large caver, but for someone who does not mind going through some tight areas, there is over 1,000 feet of passage in this cave also. The cave runs over two peoples property, so special permission from the landowner is needed. Not many people visit this cave due to how wet and small it is, so there are some need formations and breakdown. Being that not many people visit this cave, there are occasionally bats that are hanging from walls that have not yet died from White Nose Bat Syndrome.


Peipers Cave:

This cave is the larges in ceiling height and square footage of passage that the OC has even been to. Unfortunately, the private land owner charges a hefty entrance fee for group use, which is why we rarely visit it. This cave has a few neat formations with over 1,500 feet of mazy passage. There are also upper and lower levels to this cave, so if you are without a map, you will be in there for a long time.