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Sport Management Degree (B.A.)

Sport Management Degree (B.A.)

Sport Management at Messiah College 

Prepare for a job in sport management—a growing field that combines your love of sports and interest in business.

The Bachelor of Arts in sport management degree offers you the opportunity to explore a broad based understanding of the primary areas of sport management. The sport management major is designed to prepare you to blend general management skills with the specific demands of managing sports organizations.

In Messiah’s sport management major, you’ll build a strong foundation in a number of key areas such as: management, finance, accounting, marketing, communication, ethics and legal aspects of business. Specific courses in sport management provide you with an understanding of the role of sport in society, the role of management in sport and the opportunities to apply your knowledge in sport-related organizations, all in a Christian learning environment.

Sport management major distinctives
Career options for sport management majors
Internship and research opportunities for sport management majors
Mission & Goals

Faculty mentors

Our committed Christian faculty will help you not just understand but also use the technical, interpersonal, moral and conceptual skills and concepts necessary to be an effective manager in a wide variety of sports-related environments.

Practical sport management experience

As a sport management major, you’ll supplement courses with a variety of practical experiences through field trips and by working in sport management settings through completion of practica and internships. Messiah’s sport management degree program effectively prepares you to gain both the knowledge and practical experiences necessary for your future success in a variety of sport management jobs.

Job outlook

Graduates of the sport management major move on to challenging and exciting careers in academic settings, professional sports, sports and recreational facilities, as well as health, fitness and sport clubs.