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Business Information Systems (BIS) Concentration and Minor

Business Information Systems (BIS) Concentration and Minor

Business Information Systems at Messiah College

BIS focuses on helping ordinary people get the most out of their computers. It is the study and application of hardware, software and communication technologies. Those studying BIS aim to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and value of organizational processes. As a student with a business information systems minor or concentration, you’ll work with real-world businesses or client problems to design, build and refine a system to solve that challenge using data, technology and knowledge of life cycle development and project management. Classes like computer programming and systems analysis and design application prepare you for a variety of jobs in the computer science field.

Job options for graduates of the Business Information Systems concentration or minor:

  • Systems analyst
  • Computer trainer
  • Software coach
  • Helpdesk manager
  • Information security systems manager
  • Programmer

Department of Information and Mathematical Sciences

The business information systems concentration and minor are offered through the Information and Mathematical Sciences department.
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