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What High School Students Should Know       


High school academic course of study should include:

  • Natural and social sciences (biology, chemistry, psychology, sociology)
  • Social studies and/or history
  • Foreign language
  • Mathematics
  • Literature
  • Writing composition
  • Electives (advanced language, advanced biology or human anatomy/physiology, organic chemistry or biochemistry)

Strong applicants have:

  • Composite SAT 1000 of verbal and math or greater - especially greater than or equal to 500 in each category
  • Upper third of high school class or 66th percentile or higher
  • Strong science background:  biology, chemistry advanced placement in sciences helpful - not required
  • Science grades of "B" or higher
  • Strong writing skills

Personal qualities:

  • Focused, committed student
  • Maintain healthy, balanced lives
  • Well organized - calendar, assignments
  • Emotionally stable in stressful environments
  • Responsible behavior
  • Embraces critical nursing values:  altruism, autonomy or freedom, human dignity, integrity, social justice

Careers in Nursing:


For more information about careers in nursing, visit these sites:


Messiah College's Career Center at

Johnson & Johnson




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