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Economic Development Bachelor Degree (B.A.) EconomicDevelopment 4.jpg

Economic Development Bachelor Degree (B.A.)

Economic Development Bachelor Degree (B.A.)

Economic Development at Messiah College

Are you interested in economics? Learning about other cultures? Do you want to help developing communities thrive?

The Bachelor of Arts in Economic Development prepares students to serve populations at home or abroad. Through core courses in economics and business, students will build the knowledge to effectively enhance rural and urban communities around the world. Engaging coursework, hands-on experience, and international travel make this major an excellent choice for students seeking to impact the developing world.

Economic development major distinctives
Career options for economic development majors
Internship opportunities for economic development majors

Program emphasis

In the economic development major, you’ll choose from a concentration in business, sustainability or public policy, and acquire the knowledge and skills used to serve the least advantaged in rural and urban communities locally and internationally. Core classes in economics, finance, management and international business are complemented with humanities concentrations like politics and anthropology to prepare you to offer strong quantitative skills to development organizations from a Christian perspective.

Learning and hands-on experience

Students participate in extensive international experiential learning through cross-cultural courses, campus projects, internships and study abroad programs. Economic development majors experience a unique development-focused 3-week cross-cultural course in Laredo, Mexico on the Baja peninsula. Students can participate in the Collaboratory for Service and Learning, a student-led interdisciplinary group dedicated to transforming the lives of others through service, becoming involved with microenterprise development projects on campus, in the surrounding community, Africa or Central America.

Students attend development conferences with practitioners in the field. You may choose to participate in the International Business Institute, which gives you the opportunity to visit transition economies such as Russia, Latvia, and Lithuania, as well as the developing economies of India and China.