Expenditure Policy - 5.3 Travel Expenses 4 - Other Transportation

5.3 F - Travel Expenses

F.    Other Transportation

  1. Rail Travel:  The same regulations and procedures detailed under the Air Travel section are applicable to rail travel.  If a traveler prefers to utilize rail transportation instead of air or car, the traveler must request the least expensive available fare that is both reasonable and consistent with the purpose of the trip.  If the rail fare exceeds the cost of the alternative transportation, then prior written approval must be obtained from the employee’s supervisor and the employee is responsible for paying the difference in the cost.
  2. Taxi, Limousine, and Private Car Service:  Reasonable charges for taxis, limousines, and private car services are permitted from the College or from home to the airport or train station and vice versa.  Travel to and from airports or train stations and downtown areas shall be confined to hotel shuttle buses, and airport or train car services whenever such service is feasible and less costly than a taxicab or rental car.
  3. Personal Vehicle:  The traveler is expected to use the least expensive transportation, without consuming excessive travel time for travel to and from the airport or train station.  If an employee is driven to and from the airport or train station by a relative or friend, mileage reimbursement to the employee is allowed.