Expenditure Policy - 5.3 Travel Expenses 6 - Spouse and Dependents, Reimbursable and Non Expenses

5.3 J, K and L - Travel Expenses: Spouse and Dependent Travel, Reimbursable and Non Reimbursable Travel Expenses

J.     Spouse and Dependent Travel
The College does not pay or reimburse for any travel expenses of non-employee spouses or dependents who accompany College employees on official travel, except in unusual circumstances requiring their presence.  In the case of unusual circumstances, travel arrangements must be approved in writing prior to incurring any related expense by the senior administrator of the employee (VP/Provost, President, or Board of Trustees).  According to IRS regulations, the amount paid by College funds on behalf of the spouse or dependent is required to be added to the employee’s taxable wages as a benefit.  A full reconciliation of the travel expenses related to the spouse or dependent is required by using the Spouse & Dependent Travel Reporting Form and must be submitted to the Payroll Office within 15 days of returning from the trip. 

K.    Other Reimbursable Travel Expenses
Other travel expenses that are acceptable to be paid with institutional funds include:

  • Air freight and overnight delivery of materials needed for an event
  • Tolls
  • Parking
  • Baggage handling tips
  • Hotel internet access if access is required for the employee’s job responsibilities
  •  Food service tips and gratuities, not to exceed 20%.  The 20% limit does not apply when the establishment adds a service charge for larger groups in lieu of gratuity. In that case, the amount of the service charge is not within the control of the customer.
  • Dry Cleaning and Laundry expenses if the traveler is out of the office for five consecutive days, or when travel days are added in emergency situations
  • Any items listed above and paid directly by the traveler must have valid receipts and will be reimbursed with approval from the employee’s supervisor. 

L.    Other Non Reimbursable Travel Expenses
Other travel expenses that are NOT acceptable to be paid with institutional funds include:

  • Fines issued by Law Enforcement Officials
  • Parking tickets and EZ Pass violations
  • Vehicle towing charges
  • Damages to personal autos for any reason
  • Insurance claim deductibles
  • Loss of luggage, clothing, or other personal items