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Department of Facility Services

Kline - Fume Hood Replacement


March 2009 -

The new fume hoods have past testing and are totally operational.

February 2009 -

All fume hoods have been installed and air flow has been balanced.  Labs used hoods week of February 9th and all went well.

January 2009 -

The exhaust fans will be installed the week of January 19th.   Installation will be completed by January 26th.  Balancing and testing of the hoods will follow.

November 2008 -

During the testing phase several problems were uncovered.  The engineer and contractor are working out solutions.  A January completion date is anticipated.

October 2008 -

We are waiting for testing adn balancing of the fume hoods.  Once that is done the project will be complete.


September 2008 -

Installation of the fume hoods is completed.  Balancing the hoods will be completed in September and ASRE 110 testing is scheduled for October.  At the completion of that testing this project will be considered closed.

August 2008 -

This project should be completed by the second week in September.  It is running just a little behind schedule.  When the Fume Hoods are completed testing will be done to ensure they are properly working.

July 2008 -

Preliminary work has been completed.  The hoods are arriving and being installed at this time.

May 28, 2008 -

14 fume hoods in Kline labs will be replaced this summer.  This project will also increase the number of exhaust fans working the hoods.  The project is to start on May 8th with the disconnection of utilities followed by asbestos removal and will run through the middle of August.