Please check this site regularly for updates on various construction and renovation projects underway at Messiah University. You will be able to find out about the work that is being done, expected completion dates, and pictures of the progress at various locations.  Just click on the link to the left of this page for the project you would like to see.

Updates will be made periodically for current projects.  Projects that are completed are being kept for those who would like to look back on what has been done.

Project Definition -

Any work that involves alterations or modification to existing buildings or infrastructure, regardless of the source of funding, is to be coordinated with Facility Services. Any contractors that are brought on campus for such work are to be coordinated by the Facility Services Project Manager. Upon request by a department, the Facility Service Project Manager will provide estimates for such work that can be used for budget purposes. Any work that is over $3,000.00 must go through the capital budget approval process and funds must be approved prior to the Facility Service Project Manager scheduling the work. Project work is defined as fairly substantial work that involves renovations, modifications, or new construction. Most project work will require township permitting prior to the start of such work. Upon approval of the Vice President for Operations, work will be scheduled by the Facility Service Project Manager. At no time is it appropriate for any department to schedule such work without coordination from Facility Services

Equipment Purchases on Campus

It is the policy of Messiah University to involve Facility Services in the approval process for any equipment, prior to purchase, that will be connected to any of the buildings infrastructure.  This would include any device or related equipment that requires connection to any electrical service, water connection or connection to propane, gas or sewer.  This is required whether such equipment is associated with a capital purchase or planned purchase using operating dollars.


Click below to view the Messiah University Specifications Manual.

Part 1 - Section 020000 to 140010
Part 2 - Section 160000 to 340030