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Intercultural Office

Current MK/TCK Students


Missionary and transcultual students bring global perspective to Messiah College. Messiah is an institution that earnestly seeks to display the beauty in diversity. Here on campus, we have many students from the U.S. that have international experience abroad.


It is our goal to foster a place where missionary and transcultural students come to transition to life in the United States, to share their cross-cultural identity and to make the most of their mission and international experience here on campus and in the surrounding community.


Messiah's student run organization ISA/MuKappa, is an important resource that allows students with international experience to come together and reflect on how culture and diversity play a role in today's role. ISA/MuKappa is also a refuge for students who are in the process of or have transitioned to life in the U.S. This organization also seeks to bring awareness to the campus community about global issues and about culture and diversity.