Community partners

Community Partners

The Agapé Center is the hub for community connection and engagement on our campus. We facilitate service-learning, semester away, and study abroad opportunities for our students. 

Long-term relationships with local, national, and international community partners are at the center of our initiatives. We believe that partnerships should be mutually beneficial to both our community members and our students. We hope that our students bring academic experience, a desire to serve, and a useful skillset to community partners who offer wisdom, experience, and guidance to our students.

The Agapé Center works with multiple organizations who offer one-time projects, weekly local service, service trips, semester-long programs, or other resources. Recognizing that there will always be needs in our community that require attention, in order to streamline our efforts we focus on three main areas of service partnerships: 

  • Education & Mentoring: tutoring, 1:1 mentoring, after-school programs, etc. 
  • Meeting Basic Needs & Poverty Alleviation: food access, homelessness, refugee and immigrant services, etc. 
  • Health & Companionship: befriending the elderly and those with special needs, etc.

*To view a list of our current service partnerships and opportunities click here.

*If you are interested in partnering with our office to offer service opportunities please complete the following interest form

Semester-long Academic Programs

Semester-long academic programs must meet specific needs before becoming an approved partnership. This type of partnership needs to be vetted through our office with the support of an academic department/dean, it must meet a specific academic need that is lacking elsewhere, or exist in a geographic location that we do not already have an option for students to study.


* Click here to view a list of the current global credit-bearing academic programs we offer.

* To see a list of the current domestic credit-bearing academic programs we offer click here