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Intercultural Office


Rafiki House


Rafiki, meaning “friend” in Swahili, is an on-campus residence and international friendship house dedicated to providing a place of support and fellowship for international, missionary and transcultural students. Each year, a group of international,missionary, and transcultural students are chosen to live in and manage the Rafiki House. These residents are responsible for fostering an environment that allows students to bond, share differences and similarities, and worldviews. The house also serves as a hub for ISA/MuKappa student activities from Bible studies to movies, dinners and game nights!



Mission Statement:


To provide a place where international, missionary, third-culture, and American students can explore and experience the diversity of Messiah College.  To provide a place that gives students a feeling that they have a place that they can call their own—a home away from home.  To create an atmosphere where both international students and U.S. students can come together to share their life experiences and stories.  A place where it is safe to openly talk and reflect on what it means to cross borders in a loving and supportive environment. To be a place where despite differences in backgrounds, viewpoints, or other cultures, students can gather as friends and neighbors who have encountered each other at Messiah College with different experiences, but common goals.



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