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How to Send Bulk Email Messages

The "Bulk Mail" program is designed for emailing a single message to many email addresses at once. You first create the message, then specify who is should be sent to, then specify when it should be sent, and it takes care of the rest.

***NOTE: If you want to send a Mail Merge Email use this tutorial instead***

  1. Login to MCSquare. Click on the "Home" Tab. Then on the link to MC Bulk Mail on the Applications section of the left navigation bar.

  2. Click Compose. If you have already created your email message as a webpage, be sure to click "Retrieve a webpage" on this screen, and follow those instructions.

  3. Be sure that "Bulk Mail" is the selected workflow. Click Create Message.

  4. Create your message, giving it a Subject and some text. Click Save Changes.

  5. Click "Next: Define Recipients".

  6. Now we will do a test distribution. If you do not want to do a test distribution you can skip down to step 11.
    • On this page there should be a text area labeled "Enter recipient addresses". Put your own email address and one or more test email addresses in the box (one per line). E.g.
      Click "Add These Recipients".

  7. Click "Next: Schedule Distribution".

  8. Click "Start this Job" to send the message to the test addresses you've entered above.

  9. The Delivery Results page shows the status of the distribution, including recipients who failed to receive the message. Use your web browser's Reload/Refresh feature to watch for changes. You can bookmark this page to check it later. A job with a lot of recipients may take a long time to show progress.

  10. Wait for the test message to arrive in your test accounts. If there are problems with the message's appearance, you will need to start over at step 1 by composing a new message.

  11. If you're happy with the way it appears, click the "Recipients" tab to enter additional recipients.

  12. This time copy/paste the "real" list of addresses. Then click "Add These Recipients".

  13. Click "Next: Schedule Distribution".

  14. If you want to schedule a delivery time in the future:

    1. Click the "Delay delivery" checkbox
    2. Enter the delivery time (most date/time formats are accepted).
    3. Click Save Changes. Now double-check that the page shows the date and time you wanted.

  15. If you want to send the message immediately:

    1. Click "Start this job".

That should do it. If you have any problems with the procedure above, please contact ITS (use subject of "Bulkmail problem").


Delivery Results

After sending a message with bulkmail, you can look at the "delivery results screen" for details on the message delivery. This section describes the information you can find on that screen.

The delivery results screen shows the recipients of the bulk mail, and their statuses. The statuses are here explained:


no status notification has been received for this recipient; some mail systems do not acknowledge receipt, so these recipients will always say "Pending" even though they got the message


we have confirmation that the message has been delivered


the message has been transferred to a system that does not promise delivery notifications


the message to this recipient has bounced; this email address is invalid and can be removed from your database


a status notification was received, but was not recognized

Note: delivered can mean many different things, depending on the setup of the mail system the notification is coming from. Ideally, it would mean the message has been placed in the recipient's Inbox, but it could be much less.

The Details column typically shows the name of the mail server that provided the status notification, and the summarized contents of the notification.



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