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Media Production Request Form

Requester's Information



Affiliation:   Student      Faculty    Employee


Terms and Conditions:

  • The requester is responsible for obtaining permissions and authorizations for the use of materials in a production including images, music, etc. prior to production. Messiah’s Copyright Clearance Guidelines may be accessed for reference purposes. Contact Messiah’s Copyright & Educational Support Specialist at with questions.
  • The requester is responsible for obtaining consent from all participants included in a recording prior to scheduled recording. The following authorization may be used to obtain consent.
  • The requester is responsible for adhering to all copyright laws including those related to Off-Air TV Recordings. Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians may be accessed for reference purposes. Contact Messiah’s Copyright & Educational Support Specialist at with questions.


(REQUIRED) Select the service requested (select ALL that apply)

See Examples
  • Brainstorming ideas, goals, purpose, audience
  • Defining resources - hardware (recording), personnel, software (editing)
  • Understanding permissions and copyright
  • Developing a Time Line

See Examples
  • Filming
  • Recording



See Examples
  • Editing
  • Duplication
  • Distribution
  • Streaming



See Examples
  • VHS to DVD
  • Audio Cassettes to CD
  • Other types of Conversion


See Examples
  • Audio Production
  • Recording
  • Duplication

See terms and Conditions above.


(REQUIRED) Please describe the purpose of the video.

The Media Services Department at Messiah College focuses primarily on the production of multimedia content intended for the purpose of enhancing the curriculum. Productions that are intended for promotional or administrative purposes are charged a fee. Fees would fall to the department and/or school.

Educational - created for the purpose of enhancing the curriculum
Promotional - created for the purpose of marketing a department or office
Fees - $30/hour for recording and $40/hour for editing
Not Sure

What is the intended length of the finished video?

Less than 5 minutes

Less than 30 minutes

Less than 1 hour

Less than 2.0 hours

More than 2.0 hours

How is the video intended to be used and / or shared? (Select ALL that apply)

Channel 13

More Information
Some multimedia is not intended for public viewing. Channel 13 provides viewing opportunities for on-campus students via their TV.
Messiah's Video Server
More Information
Some multimedia is not intended for public viewing. Messiah's Video Server provides viewing and engagement around content produced for selected groups of the Messiah community. Accessing videos posted through the Messiah Video Uploader requires Messiah authentication.
YouTube and/or Vimeo
More Information
YouTube and Vimeo provide public and unlisted/filtered viewing and engagement around educational content produced by the Messiah community. Each of these platforms provides the option of creating a channel for your multimedia content (School, Department, Major, Course, etc.). You are encouraged to communicate with your Dean or V.P. about your project.
iTunes U (Note: Requires Dean or V.P. Approval)
More Information
iTunes U provides public viewing and engagement around educational content knowledge. scholarship and expertise in the form of courses, lectures, performances, lab demonstrations and other academic and chiaroscuro presentations produced by the messiah community for the global community. We strive for high quality multimedia productions for the iTunes U platform. Deans and V.P.s have the final authority. Material can be removed after it is posted.
More Information
DVDs are best used for archival purposes, and sharing with others that may not share the resources of the Messiah community (Note: DVDs can not carry HD quality video content.

Date of Event:


Number of copies:  


Is High Definition (HD) preferred? yes / No
Although HD video is a much more common resource, it often takes more digital resources and, if your video does not need to be in HD, then standard definition will be created.


What is the approximate shelf life for the video?

Less than 6 months

Less than 1 year

Greater than 1 year



Additional Comments:

 This section should be used to provide additional specifics and/or ask questions about your request, such as time of events, date/time/channel of off-air recording.

Note: This form does not guarantee production. The Requester listed below will receive a communication confirming request or providing alternative suggestions. Each event requires a separate request. Most projects require 2 WEEKS advanced notice. Call Wes Bernstein (x.2564) if you have any questions.



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