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Setting up MC-WPA Wireless in Mac OS X


  1. Download the required software for Messiah's Network.


  1. Open your AirPort Settings: Click on the “AirPort” icon on the top menu bar and select "Open Network Preferences" from the drop down menu.

  2. On the Network Preferences window, click on the AirPort tab from the options on the left side of the window, then select the “Advanced” button.

  1. In order to change any of your settings, you have to make sure lock is set to “Unlock.” Just click on the lock icon to unlock it.

  1. On the Preferred Networks list, make sure the MC-WPA network is selected. Then click the Edit icon. If you don't see MC-WPA then click the '+' button to add a new network.

  1. If you clicked '+' because MC-WPA wasn't in your Preferred Networks list then skip to step 7. After clicking the Edit icon, a window should pop up like the one below.

    Don't enter your username and password! Click on the word “Automatic” next to 802.1X. A drop down menu should come up. Select the option, “WPA: MC-WPA.” It should look something like the image below. It will show your Messiah ID and will have your old Messiah password stored here.

    Type your new Messiah ID and Password and hit 'Save'

  2. If you clicked Edit then skip this step.After clicking '+', a window should pop up like the one below. Type 'MC-WPA' for Network Name as shown below. Select WPA Enterprise for Security. Enter your Messiah ID and Password. Then leave 802.1X set to Automatic.
  3. In the following series of windows that are still open, hit “OK” and then “Apply.


  1. On the window shown below select "Turn AirPort Off" wait about 10 seconds then select "Turn AirPort On".
  2. MC-WPA is now setup.


  1. Now continue to Network Registration


  1. If you continue to have problems bring your computer to Student Computer Services.








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