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Office of Marketing and Public Relations



The Office of Marketing and Communications tackles a wide variety of projects, so it’s understandable that you might have some questions about how best to work with us. Here are a few FAQs for you to skim through. Of course, you’re also welcome to contact us directly ( or 717-691-6027), and we’ll do our best to get you headed in the right direction.




Print and web projects


Photos and videos




Media relations


OMPR publications


What services does the Office of Marketing and Communications provide to the broader campus community?
The Office of Marketing and Communications services a variety of institutional marketing, PR and communication priorities, in addition to directly providing the following services to Messiah College departments and organizations:

  • Media relations consultation/support
  • Marketing strategy and consultation
  • Branding and visual identity consultation
  • Special event planning consultation
  • Website design, training and consultation
  • Print and digital communication design
  • Proofreading and bulk mail coordination for printed publications being delivered to off-campus audiences of 200+
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) consultation

How do I initiate my print project?
A minimum of five weeks, from the time complete content is submitted to OMC, is needed to complete a printed publication or a digitally delivered communication (such as an HTML email) project.

Please contact Kim Christen, the office’s services coordinator, at ext. 7342 or with questions about or to initiate a print or digitally delivered project, and she will guide you through the process.

How do I initiate my web project?
Project schedules begin when the web team receives a completed wireframe (navigational plan) and the final, approved content for a site. Most project take 10 weeks to complete after these items have been submitted.

To start the initiation of a website project please fill out the online form.

How do I submit an announcement to the Intercom?
Messiah College faculty and staff are invited to submit announcements to the Intercom employee newsletter by emailing

The Intercom is published every Thursday. Submissions are due at 4 p.m. on Tuesday for Thursday’s issue.

How do I submit a story idea or class note for The Bridge magazine?
Items for the class notes section should be identified by class year. Class notes can be submitted electronically at or sent to

The Messiah College Office of Alumni and Parent Relations
One College Avenue Suite 3023
Mechanicsburg PA 17055

If you have a story idea (please review story criteria) you would like to be considered for an upcoming issue of The Bridge magazine, you may submit it in one of the following ways:

Email: or mail to Messiah College Office or Marketing and Communications, The Bridge magazine, One College Avenue Suite 3020, Mechanicsburg PA 17055.



How do I suggest someone for a Storylink profile?
StoryLink is an easy-to-access, searchable repository of memorable stories about Messiah College students, alumni and faculty. The stories help express the distinctives and outcomes of a Messiah College education.

We welcome your suggestions of interesting alums we might want to consider for this venue. The StoryLink editor utilizes this criteria when considering subjects.

How do I request a news release or media coverage for my event?
Please contact Beth Lorow, director of communications, with information about your event so that together you can consider the most effective media strategy for your event. Beth can be reached at or ext. 7361.

Can I write and distribute my own news release?
We certainly encourage you to consider how a news release might bolster promotion for your Messiah College event or project, but the College’s media protocol asks that you use the media relations resources of our office to write and distribute the news release.

Our local media desire a three-week lead about upcoming events. So, about six weeks prior to your event, it’s helpful to contact Beth Lorow, or ext. 7361, with information about your event. Once we have all the appropriate information, we can quickly draft a news release for your review.

We will then distribute the release to the appropriate weekly and daily newspapers in our region.

How can I get assistance with planning my event?
The Office of Marketing and Communications plays a primary role in planning designated larger institutional events events—like Commencement—but, for the most part, other campus public events are coordinated by other campus departments or offices. As needed, members of the OMC team can serve in a consultation role for event planning and promotion. Simply contact Carla Gross, or ext. 6940, to discuss your request.


Do you send news releases to hometown newspapers when students make dean’s list and graduate?
Yes, Messiah College sends news releases to students’ hometown newspapers for dean’s list and graduation.

The College uses an external vendor to accomplish this significant task. The sophisticated system matches the student’s home zip code with local newspapers and distributes the news release announcements to those papers via email or fax. Often a student’s announcement gets sent to several newspapers, increasing the likelihood that the good news will be printed.

If, however, you are not seeing your student’s announcement in the local newspapers you faithfully read, please contact our office at either 717-691-6027 or so we can further explore the issue. Please be advised, however, that once we send the news release to the appropriate newspapers, we have no influence over whether it is printed or not.

How do I optimize my website to achieve favorable organic search results on major search engines?
There are easy, thoughtful steps you can take to prepare your website for maximum search engine functionality (search engine optimization ). Read our helpful search engine optimization guidelines, or feel free to contact Ramona Fritschi, or ext. 7041, for more information.

Can I request a College photographer for my event?
Yes! The College does not employ a staff photographer; however, the Office of Marketing and Communications works with several freelance photographers to cover key institutional events. We also have a talented group of student photographers available for some assignments.

If you have a campus event for which you would like photography coverage, please communicate your request to Please provide the following details with your photography request:

  • Date and time of the event
  • The type of photos you’re looking for
  • Pertinent event details
  • The formality/informality of the event (so that we can gauge what skills and experience level the photographer needs to have )

We will then check the availability of the photographers with whom we work, and if one is available, assign someone with the appropriate skills to cover the event.

Billing arrangements for photography requests are made on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the nature of your event, one of the following billing arrangements will be made.

  • OMC may agree to pay for the photography if it is something that is likely to be used more broadly, such as on the institutional website or in various College print publications.
  • Your account will be billed if the photography is primarily for your own office’s use.
  • The cost may be shared by OMC and your office.

How do I select photography for my print or web project?
You can view photography you may want us to use for your College-related print project, and you can view and download low resolution images for your College-related presentations or websites via our digital image archive. Images are copyrighted for College-related purposes only. For a username and password to access this archive, please contact Ramona Fritschi at ext. 6027.

Does your office provide videography services?
The Office of Marketing and Communications coordinates limited video production related to some of the projects we directly manage and oversee; however our department is not currently resourced to provide broader video production services for other campus departments. The College provides additional video production support for campus departments through the Academic Technology Services of ITS. Visit their website to learn more.

How do I access the College logo?
Messiah College’s logos, along with the guidelines for their use, can be downloaded in a variety of formats on the visual identity website.

You can also access the Messiah College Athletics logos and visual identity guidelines.

Where is the Office of Marketing and Communications located?
The office is located on the third floor of Old Main.

Who do I contact with a media inquiry?
Please contact Beth Lorow, director of communications, at or 717-691-6027, or Carla Gross, director of marketing and communications, at or 717-691-6027 with general media inquiries or to connect with a faculty expert. Athletics-related inquiries can be directed to the sports information director at 717-691-6018.

How can I request a campus speaker for my organization’s event?
You can contact Beth Lorow, director of communications, to request a speaker for your event. Please be prepared to answer questions about the date and time of the event, the composition of the audience, the event location, the desired length of the talk and the honorarium (honorariums are not required, but it’s helpful to know up front whether one is available). We will then work together to identify and invite the most appropriate member of the Messiah College community to your event. You can reach Beth at 717-691-6027 or


How can I add, update, or remove my name from Messiah’s mailing list?
Please contact Kim Christen, services coordinator, at 717-691-6027 or email

How do I purchase tickets to Messiah events?
You can contact the Messiah College Ticket Office at 717-691-6036 or at

For a complete list of events at Messiah College, visit

Where can I find the Cultural Series schedule?
The Cultural Series schedule is available at