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Department of Sociology

Personal Counseling

Part of the process of becoming a counselor is an ongoing commitment to self-awareness. Students often have strong emotional reactions to the content of counseling courses or skill-development experiences. Students may also become aware of something about themselves that impacts their present or future work with clients. It is important to acknowledge these reactions and in some cases utilize the help of a professional counselor/therapist to process them. Below are some suggestions for how to find a counselor. Students are also encouraged to consult with their instructors or advisor in deciding how and when to seek outside support.


Finding a Counselor

Note: Messiah College or its employees cannot affirm the quality of the professional services obtained based on these recommendations. Any arrangement for service exists only between the provider and the client/student.




Self-Disclosure and Counseling Sessions

As may be expected in any counseling program, students in our counseling program may be required to self-disclose in various courses by way of reflection papers, mock counseling exercises, projects and assignments and/or other appropriate modes.  In addition, all students are required to attend at least two visits with a clinician who is qualified to interpret and discuss the student’s results of the MMPI-2.  The College will not receive a detailed report of the results of the MMIP-2 due to confidentiality issues, but the clinician will be asked to verify that the student took the MMPI-2 and followed up with at least 2 visits with the clinician to discuss the results.


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