Professional and Educational Resources

Professional and Educational Resources

Welcome to the Messiah University Graduate Program in Counseling Professional and Educational Resources Webpage. This page provides you with a variety of helpful links to professional counseling resources and educational resources. In addition, you will find information about licensure and certification, professional ethics and standards, professional associations. 

Library Resources: Counseling graduate students at Messiah University have access to the extensive facility and online resources of Messiah's Murray Library.  Liz Kielley, serves as the library liaison for the counseling program, and is well-versed in, and available to assist graduate students with accessing, the specific library resources related to counseling. She maintains a website with additional resources for counseling students. Murray Library has access to several databases that support graduate-level work as well as interlibrary loan agreements with local libraries.

Training Facilities: During intensive courses, you will benefit from Messiah University's state-of-the-art digital counseling rooms, complete with equipment and interview rooms which allow taping of both individual and group practice counseling sessions.

If you have questions about the forms or resources on this page, please contact Rebecca Grodkiewicz, the administrative assistant for the Messiah University Graduate Program in Counseling.