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Bethany Waldmann

Bethany Waldmann


Major: Computer Science and Mathematics
Hometown: Chester, VT
Campus Activities: Leader and member of the Collaboratory for Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research, participated in Symphonic Winds and Jazz Band

Bethany Waldmann, a computer science and math major, applies her knowledge as a crucial part of the Collaboratory team. She serves as the information management leader of the organization, where she uses her expertise to maintain the wiki, a contact database, and an attendance-tracking application. As the leader, she is also responsible for answering questions about the technology and keeping in contact with other leaders in the group. She also holds a work-study position for the Collaboratory, so most of her time is dedicated to that program. Aside from work, the team likes to participate in fun activities, such as progressive dinners, rock climbing, and other team bonding experiences. They also grow together spiritually, as they hold prayer breakfasts on Saturday mornings twice a semester. The Collaboratory has shaped Waldmann’s experience at Messiah; she coins it as her favorite experience as a Messiah student. “It’s a huge part of my life; I like that the foundation of it is to use the stuff we learn in class to help people,” said Waldmann.

Aside from the Collaboratory, Waldmann simply enjoys the encouraging environment and community at Messiah. As a senior in high school, she made a leap of faith by attending Messiah; her plans were to attend a larger secular college with 20,000 students. However, she realized the worldly temptations and distractions are not as present on this campus and the community essence—no matter how much the college stresses it—holds true. Waldmann finds comfort in the relationships built with her professors, and has appreciated getting to know the faculty both inside and outside of class. She is ever grateful for the support, encouragement, and assistance the faculty of Messiah provided her.

As a senior, Waldmann has a view and hope for underclassmen at Messiah. She has learned to implement discipleship by mentoring not only within her friends, but also to younger students. She also encourages students to pursue the wisdom the faculty wants to invest in them, and to appreciate that professors are valuable mentors both academically and spiritually. Her teachers and mentors in the Collaboratory have helped her become a better leader, and, more importantly, a better follower of Christ. Waldmann’s hope is that the rest of the student body can grow in this way as well.         

When looking towards the future, Waldmann does not have her plans solidified, but knows she wants to do something in the computer field. She enjoys programming, and recently secured a job where she will be working for her dad’s company, Vermont Hardwoods. She will be managing their technology by general maintenance and creating a new website, among other things. Eventually, she wants to get married and live in her hometown. For the moment, she has confidence that with persistence and prayer God will lead her in the right direction. And this May, when she walks away from Messiah College, she will not only be holding a diploma, but will be holding life-long virtues of responsibility and stewardship. As she reflected on her time at Messiah, Waldmann said, “When I leave Messiah, I will take away stewardship to the environment, to the community, and to God.”



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