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About the Centennial Theme and Logo


The theme for Messiah College's Centennial celebration was developed in the spring of 2007 by a steering committee of the Centennial Committee in creative collaboration with Messiah's Office of Marketing and Public Relations. The charge from the Centennial Committee was for this team to develop a strong, unique centennial theme that would meet criteria including these:


  • Convey deep meaning
  • Celebrate history and lay a foundation for the future
  • Focus on what Messiah College is becoming
  • Evoke positive emotion—hope, pride, belonging, celebration
  • Be inclusive and relevant across Messiah's numerous constituent groups
  • Express Messiah's distinctiveness as a Christian academic institution
  • Visually complement the Messiah College logo


The Committee was pleased with the three-part framework of the theme that emphasizes the College's Christian faith commitment, its bold institutional vision, and the ongoing promise and legacy of its students and alumni during its first 100 years. The theme was designed to not only celebrate Messiah's rich heritage and present distinctives, but to point to our hope-filled future. "Shared Faith. Bold Vision. Enduring Promise." also provides an opportune framework for numerous celebratory events that can integrate with the Centennial's theme.



The theme was presented to and approved by the Centennial Committee and publicly introduced to the Board of Trustees and the Messiah College community in the fall of 2007.


Following approval of the theme, Messiah's Office of Marketing and Public Relations developed a logo to communicate the theme's message through design, color, and typography. The sweeping arc in the logo conveys continuity, hope, momentum, and the perpetual promise and motion of a thriving, growing academic community rooted in its shared faith. The color palette for the Centennial is comprised of rich jewel tones while incorporating the traditional "Messiah blue."





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