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100 Ways to Celebrate Messiah’s Centennial


  1. Contact a former roommate.
  2. Donate to the Centennial campaign.
  3. Try to recreate your favorite meal from Lottie.
  4. Refer a student.
  5. Thank a professor who made an impact on your life.
  6. Eat noodles in honor of founder S. R. Smith and his noodle business that made it possible for him to fund the start-up of Messiah Bible School and Missionary Training Home.
  7. “Creek” someone.
  8. Offer to speak in a class.
  9. Look through old yearbooks and reminisce about your time at Messiah.
  10. Bring youth from your church to Powerhouse, a student-led worship service each Thursday night.
  11. Wear a Messiah College shirt.
  12. Show hospitality and gracious Christianity.
  13. Host an alum gathering.
  14. Return your sledding tray to Lottie.
  15. Attend Homecoming, October 16-17.
  16. Pull an all-nighter.
  17. Volunteer to help first-year students move-in during Welcome Week
  18. Blog about your life was impacted by Messiah College.
  19. Pay your overdue parking tickets.
  20. Go sledding.
  21. Make Messiah’s website your homepage.
  22. Tube or canoe down the Yellow Breeches Creek.
  23. Cheer on the Falcons at a Messiah College sporting event.
  24. Visit The Bridge online.
  25. Download Centennial wallpaper for your computer.
  26. Write a thank you letter or note of encouragement to President Kim Phipps.
  27. Recommend a student, educator, or alum to be profiled on StoryLink.
  28. Pray for Messiah College.
  29. Make homemade noodles in honor of founder S. R. Smith.
  30. Put a Messiah College window sticker on your car.
  31. Pack a picnic and enjoy it creekside along the Yellow Breeches.
  32. Attend a cultural event on campus.
  33. Invite a Messiah student to dinner.
  34. Support a summer missions team.
  35. Read the Centennial common reading book, Mountains Beyond Mountains, by Tracy Kidder.
  36. Attend a Centennial event.
  37. Make a list of 100 people you know from Messiah College.
  38. Expand your musical horizons and check out a free, B-Sides concert some Wednesday night.
  39. Wear blue and white.
  40. Come up with creative uses for marshmallows.
  41. Share a kiss with someone you love on the swinging bridge.
  42. Volunteer in your church or community.
  43. Offer an internship to a Messiah student.
  44. Enroll your child in Summer Academy or one of the summer sports or music camps.
  45. Find and frame your Messiah diploma.
  46. See how many words you can make out of Messiah College.
  47. Ride a century—100 miles—on your bike.
  48. Bookmark and read the blogs of Messiah College students.
  49. Walk the Stabler Fitness Trail around campus.
  50. Visit the Oakes Museum.
  51. See if you can name all of Messiah’s past chronological order!
  52. Google an old classmate.
  53. Return overdue library books.
  54. Name your next pet “Lottie.”
  55. Sing “And Can It Be.”
  56. Join the online alumni community.
  57. Paint your face blue and white and cheer on the Falcons.
  58. Go bowling and reminisce about the bowling alley in the Eisenhower Campus Center.
  59. Take a summer course through Messiah Online.
  60. Make a midnight run to a Sheetz or Turkey Hill convenience store.
  61. Read a book by a Messiah College author.
  62. Listen to some of the talented ensembles in Messiah College’s music department.
  63. Buy a Messiah College Christmas ornament.
  64. Sleep until noon.
  65. Join the Choral Arts Society.
  66. Memorize the College’s mission statement.
  67. Play Frisbee with friends.
  68. Golf in the annual alumni tournament.
  69. Read about who is making the news at Messiah.
  70. Sing “Happy Birthday” to Messiah College….100 times!
  71. Walk over a covered bridge.
  72. Be a friendship family to an international student.
  73. Visit the Philly campus.
  74. Make a Messiah memory book.
  75. Write a poem about Messiah College.
  76. Tune into the campus radio station, the “V.”
  77. Eat on campus.
  78. Send a classnote to The Bridge.
  79. Paint your house Messiah blue.
  80. Brush up on the College’s history and read E. Morris Sider’s, Messiah College: A History.
  81. Get a Falcon tattoo.
  82. Test your knowledge of Messiah’s history by taking our monthly trivia quizzes.
  83. Admire the art in the Aughinbaugh Gallery.
  84. Get an alumni library card.
  85. Finally lose the freshman 15 you put on at Messiah.
  86. Throw a Centennial birthday party with your Messiah friends.
  87. Eat 100 blue and white M&Ms.
  88. Reconcile with someone.
  89. Go to the laundromat and pay to do your laundry.
  90. Tailgate at Messiah sporting events.
  91. Pay off your student loans.
  92. Visit campus.
  93. Plant a tree.
  94. Congratulate the Centennial class of 2010.
  95. Purchase the Centennial commemorative coffee table book from the bookstore.
  96. Make a suit of armor from duct tape.
  97. Stay overnight at the Climenhaga Homestead.
  98. Listen to a Messiah College-produced podcast.  
  99. Do the midnight scream!
  100. See a movie at Parmer Cinema.



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