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Centennial Class Profiles



Jaime Emberger


Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Campus Activities: Leader in the Collaboratory, co-president of Klowns for the Kingdom, tutor at the Learning Center, and a volunteer at the Joshua Farm


As a senior chemistry major, Jaime Emberger has had numerous chances to get involved in her field of study during her time in school. Emberger spent one summer doing chemistry research at Messiah and one summer doing chemistry research at the University of Oregon. She says that those summer experiences “helped decide what kind of research I would like to do in my future career and solidified my desire to go to graduate school.”

When discussing some of her most memorable times as a student at Messiah, Emberger mentioned most of her favorite memories come from within the chemistry department. She said, “I’ve grown to admire every professor in the department because of how clearly their faith shows in their practice of science and how much they’re willing to spend time with students- not just on course work, but talking, discussing, joking, and getting to know us as individuals.”

When her time at Messiah is finished, Emberger said she will mostly miss the people. She spoke highly of the students, professors, and employees saying, “These people remind me on a daily basis of what being a follower of Christ means, and they encourage me to move past the frustrations and worries of that day.”

Emberger plans to go on to graduate school to get her Ph.D. in chemistry and then do research for a non-profit or government agency that incorporates principles of sustainability, community development, and environmental applications. Eventually, she would like to do research in an international context, in a field relevant to the needs of developing countries.


Emberger’s wish for the future of Messiah is that the school will stay faithful to its history and to its present mission of having dialogue with the world without compromising the message of Christ. Discussing the impact of Messiah’s class of 2010, Emberger said, “If my time here is any indication of this class’s ability to make an impact, then I believe exciting things will happen even after graduation, which will echo in future generations.”



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