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Biological Sciences

ecologicalB.S. in Biopsychology (Biological Track)


The interdisciplinary Biopsychology major combines the study of behavior with the study of biological processes that underlie and explain that behavior.   


By taking courses in both the Biological Sciences and Psychology departments, students acquire a deep knowledge of biological principles that provide an understanding of how we learn, why we experience such varied emotions, or what happens to cause mental illness.  Students enroll in foundational courses in biology and psychology, followed by electives that align with their personal interests, including Biological Basis of Behavior, Human Anatomy, Sensation and Perception, Physiology, Animal Behavior, or Experimental Psychology to name a few.  Students extend and complement their classroom learning with faculty mentored research projects and internships at local research facilities or human services agencies. 

The biopsychology major is excellent preparation for students interested in fields such as medicine, psychiatry, clinical psychology, cognitive neuroscience, behavioral genetics, and experimental psychology.

In addition to the Biopsychology major as described above, Messiah also offers an accelerated 3+2 program in Biopsychology and Occupational Therapy in conjunction with Thomas Jefferson University. Students who meet the requirements and are accepted by Thomas Jefferson University either during their senior year of high school or at the end of their first year at Messiah College can complete three years of study at Messiah College and two years at Thomas Jefferson University to earn both a B.S. in Biopsychology and an MSOT in Occupational Therapy.


B.S. in Biopsychology Requirements






If a B.S. in Biopsychology is not what you're looking for, then explore our Organismal Concentration, B.S. in Biology.