Faith and Science

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Faith & Science

Messiah University affirms a Christian world-view as we guide our students in the difficult process of forming their own beliefs, including their beliefs about how science relates to Christian faith. As faculty members at a Christian liberal arts university, we intentionally expose our students to multiple Christian perspectives, in an atmosphere supportive of faith, in order to help them answer their own questions and reach their own conclusions about how to relate science to Christian faith. Students in all of our science majors—biology, environmental science, molecular biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and physics—take a common senior Capstone course in which they receive in-depth instruction about science and Christian faith and write an essay explaining their own positions in depth. For more information about our approach, see our “Statement on Origins.” Students are also encouraged to attend events sponsored by the Central Pennsylvania Forum for Religion and Science, a campus-community organization directed by Dr. Richard Schaeffer, Professor of Chemistry. The menus for current and past events show the range of topics and perspectives that students will encounter at Messiah.

Information on Faith and science