Alumni - Department of Biological Sciences

Meet our graduates

  • Vinh Le-
    Vinh Le ’19 Med student creates network to help during COVID-19

    University of Vermont medical student Vinh Le '19 finds way to help during pandemic. He partners with 112+ medical schools in 42 states, offering hundreds of service opportunities.

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  • Justin Sweitzer-
    Justin Sweitzer ’19 Graduate Student, UPMC Chautauqua Medical Laboratory Science Program, Jamestown, NY

    I really enjoyed working in the laboratory, and it seemed very obvious that God was pushing me to pursue my MLS degree and apply my laboratory skills with my passion for healthcare.

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  • Andrew Cathro-
    Andrew Cathro ’16 Laboratory Technician at ALS Environmental

    I help to create a safer world for many by ensuring our paper is doing everything it was made to accomplish, and ensuring low quality paper does not hit the market. I may not get to know them, but God has given me the opportunity to improve the lives of many throughout the world.

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  • Timothy Swartz-
    Timothy Swartz ’15 Graduate Student, Temple University

    Studying biology at Messiah provided an opportunity to indulge in a lifelong fascination with the living world, while also preparing me for a career working to conserve our world's precious biological systems.

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  • Jessica (Tomlin) Carpenter-
    Jessica (Tomlin) Carpenter ’15 Biology (Life Science) Teacer & Curriculum Team Leader, Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax, VA

    "God has put me in roles that I sometimes see as being more than I can handle..."

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  • Kristin Coury-
    Kristin Coury ’14 Biology major works at National Aquarium in Baltimore

    Kristin Coury '14 works as senior aquarist

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  • Molly Bletz-
    Molly Bletz ’11 Recent Masters Degree Recipient at James Madison University

    Molly Bletz has been recently featured by National Geographic (link) and other media outlets regarding her recent publication in Science Reports, a sister journal to Nature.

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  • Jennifer (Martin) Kline-
    Jennifer (Martin) Kline ’10 Research Coordinator at Nationwide Children's Hospital

    Jennifer plans to use her degree to have a direct impact on underserved populations, specifically in areas of women's health, childhood obesity, and food security.

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  • Rebecca Longenecker-
    Rebecca Longenecker ’07 Wildlife biologist protects shore habitats

    Without milkweed, there are no monarch butterflies. The species depends on this plain green plant. It’s where the butterflies lay their eggs. Later, the leaves serve as the feeding ground for monarch caterpillars.

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  • Andrew Tucker-
    Andrew Tucker ’04 Aquatic Invasive Species Applied Ecologist for The Nature Conservancy'€™s Great Lakes Project

    Environmental science alum, Andrew Tucker, has been making an impact protecting the U.S. Great Lakes from harmful, foreign aquatic invasive species.

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  • Gina Gilliam-
    Gina Gilliam ’83 Gina Gilliam manages PR at Philly's national park

    How do you go from being a zookeeper to the keeper of the Liberty Bell? Ask Gina Gilliam ’83. The new public affairs officer at Independence National Historical Park—which includes the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, attracting more than 4.3 million visitors annually—performs a host of duties.

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