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Degree programs - Department of Biological Sciences

Our degree programs

All majors in the Department of Biological Sciences combine rigorous coursework and hands-on experience in order to prepare students for graduate or medical school, or immediate employment. An integral part of our curriculum is research experience either in our cutting-edge facilities or through off-campus internships. Our students also have the flexibility to pursue minors in related fields, and study abroad. Since students study in the context of a Christian liberal arts college, they can simultaneously investigate the world around them and their Creator. The department emphasizes the integration of knowledge of the sciences with the teachings of the Christian faith throughout the curriculum.

Program Degree Major Minor Concentration Pre Professional Teaching Certification
Biology B.S. Biologyis a major Biologyis a minor checked     Biologyis a certification program
Biology (Secondary) and Environmental Education (K-12) with Dual Teaching Certification B.S. Biology (Secondary) and Environmental Education (K-12) with Dual Teaching Certificationis a major       Biology (Secondary) and Environmental Education (K-12) with Dual Teaching Certificationis a certification program
Biology for Environmental Science Majors   Biology for Environmental  Science Majorsis a minor checked      
Biomedical Biology     Biomedical Biologyis a concentration    
Cellular Biology     Cellular Biologyis a concentration    
Ecological Biology     Ecological Biologyis a concentration    
Environmental Science B.S. Environmental Scienceis a major Environmental Scienceis a minor checked      
Environmental Science for Biology Majors   Environmental Science for Biology Majorsis a minor checked      
General Biology     General Biologyis a concentration    
Molecular Biology B.S. Molecular Biologyis a major        
Organismal Biology     Organismal Biologyis a concentration    
Sustainability Studies B.A. Sustainability Studiesis a major Sustainability Studiesis a minor checked      
Sustainable Agriculture     Sustainable Agricultureis a concentration