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Biological Sciences

ecologicalCellular Concentration (B.S. in Biology)


The Cellular Concentration in Biology emphasizes the study of biomolecules, cellular processes, molecular genetics and biotechnology.


The Cellular Concentration offers students the opportunity to study life at the cellular and molecular level, from biomolecules to cells and their interactions.  Courses such as Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, and Molecular Genetics explore a range of topics including structure and function within cells, regulation and control of gene expression and protein activity, and signaling and communication.  Accompanying laboratories provide hands on experience working with many current model research systems, including Drosophila, C. elegans, yeast and mammalian cells, and Arabidopsis, as well as many modern techniques such as RNAi, PCR, cloning, gel and protein electrophoresis, transformation, electron and fluorescent microscopy, and tissue culture.  Students also have the opportunity to engage in faculty-mentored undergraduate research projects.  Internal fellowships are also available to fund full time summer research projects.


Cellular Concentration

(B.S. in Biology) Requirements




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