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Biological Sciences

ecologicalOrganismal Concentration (B.S. in Biology)


The Organismal Concentration in Biology emphasizes the study of animals, plants, fungi genetics and biotechnology. Focal emphases include the study of the diversity, structure, function, and behavior of living organisms. Courses such as Aquatic Zoology, Herpetology, Plant Taxonomy, Mycology, Ornithology offer students a wide spectrum of organisms in which to delve deeply. Laboratory and field experiences provide hands on experience working with organisms in ex situ and in situ settings.  Courses such such as Animal Behavior, Neuroscience, and Physiology help students grasp organisms within integrative themes of study. Additional field experiences can be taken in Tropical Biology and the Ecology of Florida, as well as at the Au Sable Institute.



Organismal Concentration

(B.S. in Biology) Requirements













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