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Biological Sciences

preprofessionalPreprofessional Concentration (B.S. in Biology)
Pre-Med | Pre-Dental | Pre-Vet | Pre-Health


The Biomedical Concentration available within the Biology major emphasizes study in aspects of biology that will prepare students for admission to graduate programs in health (e.g. medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, physician assistant, optometry, etc.), or graduate programs in the basic sciences (e.g. neuroscience, physiology, biomedical sciences), or to obtain immediate employment in biomedical research.  Introductory courses provide an overview of the breadth of biology while advanced courses allow the student to develop expertise within a variety of areas relevant to the function, structure and regulation of organisms, organ systems and individual cells.  Recommended courses include Genetics, Physiology, Microbiology, Human Anatomy, Neuroscience, Immunology, and Biochemistry.  Students wanting to study health-related topics away from the main campus may enroll in “Healthcare in the Developing World” (taught in Macha, Zambia) or “Environmental Health” (taught at the Au Sable Institute, Washington).  Supporting courses in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Philosophy are included.


Students wishing to prepare for graduate training in health or basic sciences, but who wish to study biology at the level of cells and genes rather than organisms and organ systems may explore our “Cellular” concentration (also in the Biology major) or pursue a B.S. degree through our Molecular Biology major. 






Major Requirements:
- Pre-Med (M.D.)
- Pre-Med (D.O.)
- Pre-Chiropractic
- Pre-Dentistry
- Pre-OT (4 yr)
- Pre-Optometry
- Pre-Pharmacy (4 yr)
- Pre-PT
- Pre-Physician Asst
- Pre-Podiatry
- Pre-Public Health
- Pre-Veterinary






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If a Preprofessional Concentration, B.S. in Biology is not what you're looking for, then explore our Biomedical Concentration, B.S. in Biology