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German Bachelor Degree (B.A.)

German Bachelor Degree (B.A.)

German at Messiah College

Immerse yourself in the German language, culture and literature both at Messiah and abroad.

Ninety-five million people in Europe speak German as a native language, and German is the second most widely studied and spoken second language in many areas of Eastern Europe. As a German major you are preparing to understand and communicate with a large number of Europeans. The Messiah College German program includes a wide variety of courses in the German language, history, literature, culture and civilization.

German major distinctives
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Program emphasis

Here at Messiah, you’ll find yourself immersed in German language, culture and literature. As the international demand for students with advanced training in modern languages and cultures increases, employers seek Messiah College graduates for their firsthand experiences, linguistic competence and communication skills.

Introductory-level German courses focus on grammar, phonetics, conversation and composition. You will also take courses in German literature as a preparation for study in Germany.

While studying German, you may also decide to receive teaching certification in grades K-12. In addition to general education and German requirements, you will take a variety of education courses, including two field experiences and the student teaching semester.

Study abroad requirement

All German majors are required to spend at least one semester during their junior year at the JYM program in Munich, Germany. Immersion in the German culture will give you practice in communication skills as well as a clearer understanding of the German people.


Our faculty, who have studied and lived in German-speaking regions of the world, provide challenging coursework that will develop your linguistic competence and critical skills, as well as provide a profound appreciation of the culture and civilization of the German-speaking people.


Students in the German major program take a selection of courses that successfully prepare them for a career in a related field.
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