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All information related to your payroll records can be found under the EMPLOYEE section of the Main Menu. We suggest that you take some time to become familiar with this section of self-service.

Below are short descriptions of the various subsections within the employee section.


Submit Time Sheet

CURRENTLY INACTIVE. Will be used for hourly employees to submit time sheets online. Currently, only pirnted, paper time sheets are used.

Submit Administrative Leave

CURRENTLY INACTIVE. Will be used for salaried employees to submit leave (vacations/sick/personal) reports online. Currently, only printed, paper reports are used.

Benefits and Deductions

Retirement, health, flexible spending, miscellaneous, beneficiary, open enrollment, Benefit Statement. Shows your benefit and deduction choices, including your tax deduction information.

Pay Information

Direct deposit allocation, earnings and deductions history, or pay stubs. (Note: as of January 2010, there is a bug in the comptuer system which may display incorrect direct deposit information if you ever changed your direct deposit account. The software company is aware of this problem and will work to resolve it. Unfortunately, it seems to be low priority on their list of things to do, so it may take a while.)

Employment Forms

Copies of the required employment-related policies you agreed to and signed electronically.

Tax Forms

W4 information, W2 Form or T4 Form. Not the actual forms, but shows how you completed the forms and how your tax deductions are setup in the computer system.

Jobs Summary

List of current and prior jobs along with all historical changes.

Leave Balances

Displays current leave balances (e.g., sick, vacation, and personal leave).

Student Employment

View and accept Student Employment assignments.

Supervisor Functions

Supervisor services, Financial Aid student employment rosters, view leave balances of your employees.

Printer Activity Report

Allows you to view your network printer activity and charges.