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Courses & Locations

Messiah College offers several options for dual-enrollment courses-select what works best for your schedule and learning style.

At our Mechanicsburg campus

dual enrollment - 016 042810Tennison 1During the academic year, Messiah College offers dual-enrollment courses at its main campus, located in Mechanicsburg, Pa.* This option provides a traditional collegiate classroom experience with face-to-face interaction with professors and classmates. Following the registration of Messiah's undergraduate students each term (fall semester, January-term and spring semester) the College makes remaining class openings available to dual-enrolled students. 

View semester dates and application deadlines for dual-enrollment classes.

    *If you take an on-campus course, you must provide your own transportation to and from campus. Please consult with your guidance counselor to ensure that the class time does not conflict with your other academic schedules and requirements.

    Summer online

    Messiah College encourages students to live and learn during the summer.  Our summer online undergraduate courses, which run from June 8 through July 31, 2015, are available to eligible dual-enrolled students who are entering their junior or senior year. A list of recommended summer online courses for dual-enrolled students can be found here. For further information, including a course demo, check out Messiah's undergraduate online website.

    On location in regional high schools

    Messiah College offers dual-enrollment courses at select high schools in the central Pennsylvania region. All courses are taught by Messiah College faculty. Courses vary by location and semester, and you do not need to be enrolled at the school hosting the course to participate. (Students who do not attend the host school, however, are responsible for their own transportation.) Please be aware that high school host sites have up to a $75 administration fee per course. 

    Fall 2015

    Covenant Christian Academy

    MATH 111 – Calculus 1 This course provides an introduction to differential and integral calculus with associated analytic geometry. Prerequisites include a strong background in mathematics and a minimum of two years of high school algebra. MATH 111 meets the Messiah College QuEST/General Education Mathematical Sciences requirement. (4 credits)

    Harrisburg Christian School

    PSYC 101 – Introduction to Psychology This course provides an introduction to modern psychology including its major theorists and methodologies and an overview of biological, personality, learning, developmental, social, and abnormal psychology. PSYC 101 meets the Messiah College QuEST/General Education Social Sciences requirement. (3 credits)

    West Shore Christian Academy

    COMM 105 – Fundamentals of Oral Communication This course is a study of basic principles of human communication. Modes such as: Intra- and interpersonal, small group and public speaking are examined. Students will develop skills in sharing information and reasoned argument, and examine the ethical responsibilities of oral communicators. COMM 105 meets the Messiah College General Education Oral Communication requirement. (3 credits)

    Please discuss course selection with your guidance counselor to ensure that it meets your specific requirements for high school graduation. All students must apply online for dual enrollment before registering for individual classes. 

    Questions about dual enrollment? Contact Matt Reitnour, director of graduate and non-traditional enrollment at