Increase/Decrease a Credit Limit or Single Transaction Limit

P-Card credit limits and single transaction limits can be adjusted to accommodate special or unexpected purchasing needs or travel. Please follow the procedure below:

  1. Through discussion with the budget manager, determine the appropriate credit/single transaction limit. Be sure to consider the entire month when setting the credit limit. Also, be sure that the single transaction limit is set high enough for the largest single purchase. P-Card policy prohibits breaking a transaction into smaller transactions to “get around” the single transaction limit.
  2. The budget manager must send an email to requesting the increase/decrease. The email should include the credit limit and single transaction limit requested and the date when limits should return to standard levels.
  3. The credit/single transaction limits will be adjusted by the P-Card Administrator.
  4. Both the employee and the supervisor will receive an email notifying them that the adjustment has been made.