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Spiritual Formation

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The primary mission of College Ministries is engaging the Messiah College community in the process of Christian spiritual formation. This booklet introduces our mission, articulates an appropriate model of Christian spiritual formation for our community, and invites educators, administrators, and staff to join us in this process.

The holistic nature of a Messiah College education compels faculty, staff, and administrators alike to be committed to the spiritual formation of our students. College Ministries is a primary resource for this formation, supporting individuals and campus organizations as needed, and bringing together the various partnerships, conversations, and experiences around spiritual formation that happen here. Spiritual Formation Brochure

The spiritual formation model we use is three-fold: knowing, being, and doing. These foci provide a measure of flexibility while keeping our work centered in the values and the mission articulated by the College. While such a design is dynamic and diachronic, it also provides the necessary clarity to determine priorities for effective programming and assessment.

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