real world creativity

Each student brings a rich perspective — his or her own color — and, at Messiah,   those colors are celebrated, appreciated, and, while remaining distinct, are crafted together like a strong and splendid stained glass window.

red glass bar

discipline imagination
Real problems.
A real village in Africa needs a water pump.

From our campus, we take it on. We brainstorm. We analyze, research, design. We fail and try again.
We solve it.

We don’t just dream of all we’ll do after we graduate from Messiah.

We do it now.

God created us to also create. So we encourage imagination and impart the disciplines that bring the imagined to life. A powerfully creative spirit moves across our campus. And not just for art or theatre majors.

It’s everywhere. Like within the Student Scholars’ Expo where students present a range of research projects exploring the Brazilian economy, the American work/life balance, and methanol recovery in biodiesel production.

Students discover their own tremendous capacity to distill a vision and bring it to life.