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Degree programs - Department of History

Our academic programs

In addition to intensive examination of a wide range of historical periods and subjects, the history majors allow room for students to pursue other studies.  For example, some take a second major, and many complete minors, in areas from English, foreign languages, economics, and journalism to communication, business, and politics.  Students are also required to seek experiential learning, either through study abroad or through an internship experience.

Program Degree Major Minor Concentration Pre Professional Teaching Certification
Administrative Studies     Administrative Studies is a concentration    
American History     American Historyis a concentration    
Classical and Medieval European History     Classical and Medieval European Historyis a concentration    
Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies   Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studiesis a minor checked      
History B.A. Historyis a major Historyis a minor checked      
Modern European History     Modern European Historyis a concentration    
Public History     Public Historyis a concentration    
Social Studies         Social Studiesis a certification program
World History     World Historyis a concentration