a passion for christian community

Each student brings a rich perspective — his or her own color — and, at Messiah, those colors are celebrated, appreciated, and, while remaining distinct, are crafted together like a strong and splendid stained glass window.

purple class

harmony difference
Before I came to Messiah, I thought I had to agree before I could listen.

But our conversations here are full of different perspectives.

So when someone has something to say, I listen.

Maybe I will agree with her, but even if I don’t, I respond thoughtfully, realizing she cares as deeply about her faith as I do about mine.

At Messiah, our core Christian convictions are the same.

Students encounter diversity in a remarkably hospitable community at Messiah. It's not uncommon to find students at President Phipps’ house, sharing dinner, friendly banter and prayer.

We welcome each student as well as the perspectives they hold. At dinner or late into the night in the common rooms, people listen to one another's views. To encourage students to think critically and to emphasize that as Christians, we can disagree and still be kind, we often host groups whose views differ from those held by many within our community.

Experiencing these things together — differing perspectives, genuine questioning, and a spirit of hospitality — students learn that authentic human community does not require like-mindedness — that difference enlivens and enriches human interaction.